By Brian Miheso


On May 29, 2024, Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) conducted a capacity-building workshop on Land Governance for the Baringo Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (BAMSCOS) in Eldama Ravine.

The session was facilitated by a team of land governance experts from KLA, including Brian Miheso (the Community Land Protection Programs Officer) and Martin Mugambi (the Land Governance Programs Officer) and Juspah Mwaisaka (Program Assistant Youth and Land), in collaboration with BAMSCOS leadership.

The workshop targeted 40 members of BAMSCOS, with a focus on achieving gender parity with a 50/50 representation of men and women.

The key objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. Build Understanding: Disseminate legal provisions governing inheritance and succession of land, and share detailed procedures for secure land transfers and sale transactions.
  2. Clarify Processes: Provide clarity on the intricate process of land registration and related bureaucratic procedures, equipping members to exercise their land rights effectively and safeguard their interests.
  3. Address Specific Concerns: Offer tailored responses to specific concerns raised by cooperative members during the inception meeting and gather policy issues affecting BAMSCOS members that KLA can address.

Through presentations on various land governance topics and group discussions to ensure active participation of BAMSCOS members, we held a successful workshop and documented the concerns and policy issues raised by the members for further action by KLA.

The training successfully provided the 39 participants with a comprehensive understanding of the legal provisions governing inheritance and succession of land. This knowledge is crucial for BAMSCOS members to protect their land rights.

Participants also clearly understand the steps involved in land registration and related bureaucratic procedures. During the training, participants were taken through the land registration process and can now identify the required documents and relevant offices.

The session was successful in enhancing the participants' understanding of land governance and equipping them with the necessary skills to advocate for secure and equitable land tenure within their communities.


The writer is Geomatics Engineer and Geospatial Information Systems Experts and KLA’s Community Land Protection Program Officer.