About Us

Kenya Land Alliance


Who We Are

Kenya Land Alliance is an umbrella network of Civil Society Organizations and individuals across Kenya who are committed to effective advocacy for the reform of policies and laws governing land in Kenya.

The organization was established to create an institutional mechanism to advocate for enabling land laws and policies in order to ensure secure and equitable access to land and natural resources in Kenya. Kenya Land Alliance was formed in 1999 and operated as a Trust. It was later registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in July 2013.

The Key Result Areas for Kenya Land Alliance are; Women Land and Property Rights, Youth and Land, Land Governance and, Strengthening Community Land Rights & Community Land Protection. The organization is also keen on building and maintaining an active and robust membership.

Over the last couple of years, the organization has participated several key national land rights related initiatives. For instance, KLA lobbied to ensure that the provisions in the 2010 Constitution related to land had a direct positive impact on the lives of millions of women, pastoralists, squatters and Internally Displaced Persons, informal sector players and traders, people living with HIV/AIDS and those living with disabilities.

Kenya Land Alliance has equally participated in commissions of inquiry set up to address various land injustices including the illegal allocation of Public Land to private citizens.

The organization continues to champion the rights of Kenyans to access, use and manage their lands. 

The greatest strength of the organization lies in its ability to create opportunities for mutual learning and joint action between organizations at all levels: local, national, and regional – especially when these organizations would not otherwise work together.

Members have different but complementary structures, experiences, and strengths – particularly between civil society and land professional agencies – and finding common ground that open up opportunities for solidarity and collaboration.

Our current membership stands at 49.

Key KLA accomplishments

1. KLA took lead in lobbying and advocacy for a National Land Policy Framework, a policy which has now provided an elaborate framework through which land governance is undertaken.

2. KLA has developed progressive and sustainable relationships with a remarkable array of stakeholders.

3. KLA is credited with the first successful coordination mechanism for Land Non-State Actors in Kenya.


To engage stakeholders to promote active agency of land marginalized groups towards equitable access, use and control of land.


A just society with secure and equitable land rights for sustainable development.