Active Agency of Land Marginalized Groups program area at KLA involves working with partners, communities, and other stakeholders to promote mainstreaming of issues of minorities, and marginalized communities and groups to advance their rights to land and land-based resources.

Key thematic areas of support ranged from urban tenure rights, community land, protection of natural resources and other related rights, benefit sharing for communities, and environmental conservation. 

A total of six (6) communities have been assisted by KLA to defend their rights to land and land-based resources in the recent past: 


Advocacy area

Nairobi (Pumwani, Kangemi, Mukuru Kwa Njenga)

Urban tenure and right to housing, spatial planning

Turkana County

Community land registration, community benefit-sharing, compensations, natural resources and other related rights

Wajir County

Community land registration, spatial planning, natural resources, and other related rights

Taita Taveta County

Community land rights, natural resources and other related rights, environmental protection

Nakuru/Narok - Suswa community

Community land rights, environmental protection, compensations, community benefit-sharing


Supporting Communities

Urban tenure rights remain one of the biggest challenges around developing cities and towns in the country. Evictions, demolitions, and land grabbing characterize issues surrounding land governance where marginalized communities are concerned. 

KLA continues to support communities in Pumwani, Kangemi, and Mukuru kwa Njenga to guarantee their urban tenure rights.

Communities, especially the marginalized and poor, are at the center of real land justice initiatives. For sound advocacy in land justice, community mobilization and participation will remain the backbone of KLA’s land governance initiatives. To this end, KLA has continued to build community agencies in Wajir, Turkana, and Taita Taveta to steer the community land registration processes among other KLA initiatives in various parts of the country, targeting marginalized communities.