Empowering Local Communities in Kwale County to optimally benefit from the Mining Sector and Reduce Negative Social Impacts of Exclusion from the Extractive Sector.

The project is in its second year of implementation in Kwale County, with a focus on the areas with active mining activities.

In terms of progress, the project has had the establishment of four (4) active agencies of the land marginalised communities in Nguluku, Kibwaga, Bwiti, and Ngombeni (Denyenye) to push for benefit sharing in mining and mitigation of the negative social impacts of exclusion from the extractive sector. Also, the communities have been empowered through a number of civic education forums on laws governing on mining in Kenya has been held in Nguluku, Kibwaga, Fingirika, Mafisini, Ngombeni/Waa (Denyenye), Magaoni, Bwiti and Kuranze. In addition, there has been an improved relationship and creation of rapport between the community, the mining company and the government at two levels – county and national governments – due to regular dialogue sessions on specific issues such as the community development agreements (CDA’s), Benefit Sharing, and Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit (EIA&A) among others. KLA has also made visits to Base Titanium Limited with a view of seeking the available civic spaces of engagement with the community. Through the project, KLA has also been able to start and equip its mini lab to facilitate the introduction of social cartography resource mapping by communities in Kibwaga and Nguluku, which are already done, and Bwiti, Ngombeni, Magaoni, Fingirika, among others, which are the next areas for mapping.

Anchoring Extractive Sector Agenda in Kenya’s 2017 Elections and Beyond

This was a one year project whose life was coming to an end in May 2018. The overall goal of this project was to facilitate host communities in the mining and mineral resources enclaves to advocate for transparent, equitable and optimal benefit sharing mechanisms from the use of Kenya’s natural resources to transform the country’s social and economic development path. Under the project, KLA has undertaken media engagements to highlight the emergence of community movements. Also, KLA has facilitated the marginalised communities in Kwale County to highlight their plight in the media.

In terms of progress, KLA had by the time of writing these minutes established critical media contacts and support to champion good governance of mineral resources in Kwale County. More than four print media articles had been published in local newspapers of nationwide circulation since September 2017 including Daily Nation and the Standard as well as one television coverage on KTN News.

It is important to note that the first and second projects had been implemented under the banner of supporting the social movement of land marginalised groups in the Strategic Plan.