Kenya Land Alliance

KLA Membership

What is KLA?

KLA is an umbrella network of Civil Society Organizations and Individuals committed to effective advocacy for the reform of policies and laws governing land in Kenya.  KLA is registered by the government of Kenya as a trust and is a non-profit, non-partisan institution. It was formed in 1999.

Vision Statement

Land justice for sustainable development.

Mission Statement

To foster equitable land governance information generation, sharing, advocacy and empowerment.


We envisage a society in which all people are assured of sustainable livelihoods through secure and equitable access to and utilization of land and natural resources; a just society in which everyone had equitable and secure access to land and Natural Resources for sustainable livelihoods.

Our Strategic Objectives

1. To support the social movement of land marginalized groups.

2. To advocate for a democratic framework for management of community land.

3. To promote secure and equitable land rights.

4. To research, document and disseminate information about land

5. To enhance KLA’s membership and institutional systems.

Our priorities:

1. Networking, information gathering and sharing

2. Advocacy for secure land rights of the rural and urban poor and other disadvantaged groups

3. Advocacy for land policy and legislative reforms

4. Participation and land legal reforms


Membership to KLA network

KLA Membership Criteria

KLA is a membership network of CSOs, and individuals working on land issues and committed to effective advocacy for land laws and policy reforms. Membership of the KLA is anchored on the commitment to networking through the sharing of information and working as a team on land matters. Membership thus entitles members to such benefits as accessing a pool of skills and expertise on land matters, and participating in KLA organized functions, and those of KLA partners working on land reform agenda.

Member's Recruitment

Key to the KLA success and even survival is the quality of its membership.  It is the members of the KLA (Board of Trustees, Staff, Members and Volunteers) that constitute its public face and give it a public image. Therefore, if any of them are ignorant of on-going activities, is unfamiliar with the core land issues being addressed by KLA, the reputation of the network as a whole suffers. As such, the Network’s credibility shall be determined solely by the reputation of its principal members/actors.

The following is the criteria to be considered in recruiting the KLA members:

1. Potential members should share a commitment to the explicit mandate of KLA.

2. Individual members seeking affiliation or associate membership should have a reputation of having not been involved or condoned land rights abuses, land grabbing, natural resources or other communal common property mismanagement.

3. Potential members should have skills and/or resources that will benefit the network.

4. Potential members should have some familiarity with the fundamental principles of land and land based natural resources embodied in the Mission and Vision of KLA.

5. Potential members should be committed to understanding of the land law and policy reform issues being addressed.

6. Potential members should be willing to accept that they are substantively accountable to the KLA broad constituency and financially accountable to the KLA for any donor funds passed to them for KLA activities.

7. Members should be committed to paying their due subscription fees in a timely manner.

However, KLA is aware that the recruitment drive is a two-way process. Just as KLA wants to be careful about whom to bring on board, potential members need also to assess the network to see if it will offer them that for which they are looking.

KLA invites Potential members to join KLA to meet with other organizations with similar interests and values, gain experience and contacts in the field and to influence the organization’s policy. 

KLA Membership Registration fee is as follows:

  • International NGOs incorporated in Kenya         Kshs.     10,000
  • Local NGOs     Kshs.       5,000
  • Community Based Organizations                       Kshs.       2,500
  • Individuals        Kshs.      2,000
  • University Students / College Students    ksh.   500

In addition, members shall sustain the network by paying annual subscriptions as following:

  • International NGOs Kshs.   10,000
  • Local NGOs           Kshs.    5,000
  • CBOs                     Kshs.    2,500
  • Individuals              Kshs.    2,000
  • University Students / College Students    ksh.   500

Termination of Membership

Membership to the KLA Network can be terminated either out of the request of such members, or under the following conditions;

1. Non-payment of subscription fees for a period exceeding two years. Where the subscription is in arrears for more than one year, the member will be regarded as an affiliate and remain suspended from membership until such subscription is paid. Where the subscription is in arrears for two years and over, such membership will be terminated, and readmission to the alliance will be dependent on fresh registration.

2. Members whose reputation is in question in regards land rights abuses, land grabbing, natural resources or other communal common property mismanagement or whose commitment to KLA mandate is in question shall be expelled from the alliance upon being given due hearing. Communication to such disrepute will be communicated to the members by the KLA secretariat, indicating a deadline within which a response must be received.