Kenya Land Alliance condemns CAS Ngunjiri over shooting incident

By Star Reporter

Kenya Land Alliance has condemned the Lands Chief Administrative Secretary Kimani Ngunjiri for the alleged shooting and injuring of a man during a tussle over half an acre of land in Bahati, Nakuru County.

Ngunjiri was involved in the fracas at Ampiva on Monday.

Witnesses say Ngunjiri showed up with a tractor ready to plough a piece of land that has been at the centre of a legal dispute for the past few years and when he faced resistance from the family and the public, he allegedly shot at them. The land is currently occupied by 68-year-old Susan Murugi.

Betraying the values and principles of public service

KLA has accused the CAS of betraying the values and principles of public service as enshrined in Article 232 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Faith Alubbe, the CEO of Kenya Land Alliance, has termed Ngunjiri’s conduct a disservice to his office, saying he acted unethically and in a manner that brought disrepute to the position he holds.

“It is sad that he can use privileges that he accrues from his office like being a legal gun owner against communities that he should be protecting. CAS Ngujiri should know that this is not what he should be representing. What he did is conduct unbecoming of a CAS,” she said in Nairobi.

However, in his defence, the CAS said the land in question he leased and he claims no ownership.

On the shooting incident, the CAS said he acted in self-defence after seeing one of Murugi's children attempting to attack him with an axe.

Ngunjiri said he had gone to plough the land and was attacked by Murugi and her family members.

Shouldn’t have done it

The CAS said Murugi should settle the matter with the person who leased the land to him.

But Alubbe further added that the law is very clear on how land conflicts or disagreements over land should be addressed. She said the rule of law in Kenya is alive and should be followed regardless of which office an individual holds.

“He shouldn’t have done that. And I don’t think what he did is how the Kenya Kwanza government wants to be portrayed to the people of Kenya by its top government officials. Law enforcement should take over because what he did was a crime and he should not be allowed,” she added.

Ngunjiri surrendered his gun to the police and investigations into the matter are underway. KLA has called for a thorough investigation into the matter.

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