Women Land & Property Rights

The women Land Rights Project is a project of Kenya Land Alliance that aims at actualization Women land and property rights as provided in the Constitution of Kenya...

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Land Governance

In terms of strategies the two projects had sought to undertake community education, awareness and advocacy on Community Land Act, 2016 to ensure the statute is properly implemented…

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Strengthening Community Land Rights

The Project’s primary objective is to provide technical legal support to strengthen community land and resource rights and then rigorously…

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Welcome to Kenya Land Alliance


The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) formally a Trust and registered as a NGO in July 2013 was established to create an institutional mechanism to advocate for enabling land laws and policies in order to ensure secure and equitable access to land and natural resources in Kenya. Since inception, Kenya Land Alliance has experienced remarkable growth. As a result of its activities, KLA has curved a niche in lobbying and advocacy for reforms of land laws and policies in Kenya. The participation and contributions of KLA to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law Systems in Kenya (Njonjo Commission), the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission, the Ndungu Commission, and the Committee of Experts were highly acknowledged.

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Strengthening Community Land Rights.



Kenyans from all walks of life have contributed to shaping the AJS Baseline Policy, including Councils of Elders, Civil Society Organizations and Court Users Committees, and are now expected to be instrumental in operationalizing it. 

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Historic Land Injustice in Laikipia County, Kenya

Laikipia County, Kenya has been the focal point of land justice concerns following “invasions” by armed herders as they search for water and pasture (Matara and Njunguna). These herders, from the relatively dry Baringo, Samburu and Isiolo counties, take advantage of Laikipia’s natural resources. While this conflict may seem like an environmental issue at first glance, it must be contextualized alongside Kenyan history to fully understand its importance.

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Request for Expression of Interest; Provision of Staff Medical Cover Year 2022

The Kenya Land Alliance is looking for an insurance company that will offer medical cover for its staff (both inpatient and outpatient) for the period starting 1st January, 2022 to 31st December, 2022

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